The Mummy Returns (2001) IMDb: 6.20(143 473) Full Movie Download

original title: The Mummy Returns
rating: IMDb: 6.20(143 473)
USA, dir. Stephen Sommers
fantasy, action, adventure
Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weiss, …
running time: 130 minutes
release date: 2001


Ten years have passed. Our brave hero, adventurer Rick O Konell, now rich, happily married to a beautiful Evelyn and educates his eight-year-old son Alex. But an evil fate does not give a charming family O Konellov enjoy the quiet life. Sinister priest Imhotep again risen from the dead! Now Rica, Evelyn and little Alex is only seven days to save the world.

Review: \’ My mother is going to die?’- puzzled, asked the child. . I’m not a fan of the genre ‘adventures’. Despite this aggravating circumstance, soporific me at all ‘battle – points’, the first movie was quite smotribelnyim, even for me. However, I still don’t love the genre, but, I must admit, he served as a spicy addition to the romantic history – Yes, I’m a girl, and romantic stories – my weakness. Without adventure would be boring as well. If I were a man, I would have fallen in love with Rachel Weiss, up to the charming, and plays a beautiful charming, with one word. Courageous handsome Fraser – well-as it suited her! And John Hannah – prrekrrasno, tovarrischi!
. But praise leave for the first part. I don’t know how Raych was able to play ten times worse and of itself, but it is so. The role was uninteresting – a woman-warrior, part-time mother, though, and remember that mmm. infrequently. In a word, the cat is the best mother. A simple example is deliberately expose the danger of the child, taking with him to a risky business. Why couldn’t you leave the house, with my uncle? At least at first! And then, in order to engage a child in history, make a favorite of the American stroke of forcing boy to escape to the parents. But no, the creators decided to do it – and don’t care that only the most irresponsible parents dragged off a child to a place, knowing already that he nearly died there themselves, well, in that case shall pay them, lazy, infamous review – see how they are horrified and ikayut, of course.
By the way, Alex – old son couple O’connell, 8 years. Therefore, from the moment of expiry of the first pictures of their zakadrovomu time years have passed not less than nine. But does that feel? It seemed to me that the boy negligent parents have already eight years, and now little understanding of what to do with it – but they begin to get attached.
As for the special effects, music and other Labuda – me it is nothing touches, everything was on the level. In the Hollywood adventure movie that’s all about the same. As the average Hollywood same Comedy.
Returning to the game of actors (the starting point was skuchneyshe performed, skuchneyshe-pattern role of Rachel Weiss), it should be noted, that was a boring and brandy Fraser. If in the first part we experience the charm of the rough handsome, while in the second. Dreary, dreary character – Rick O’connell, ‘family man’. Such sensation, that marriage on the beauty of the Evelyn deprived him of any individuality \’ tell me, what with all Rikami after marriage? And I will never get married!
The only one who has sympathy, no, not mummy, how many people write to her, I remained indifferent as to the insidious exotic beauty Anksunamun, as and to the king of the Scorpions ‘the Rock’ – brother Jonathan. Cutest character was not spoil, or say thank you writers – all the same have decided not to spoil consciously. He was a Charmer not less, but even more, than in the last part. I fell in love with his character.
Outcome: Come down like a film adaptation of the children’s comic books. The senseless and ruthless.
So, where is not accepted to survive, if the mother was kidnapped and she is on the verge of death – not to mention his wife and sister-on the contrary, you can and make a joke once-other – all the same it is clear that in the end all will be happy and hubby will come like a – just at the moment when the beautiful bring a sword. That the Ivi’s not immortal an unusually optimistic heroes remember only then, when the girl stabbed with a knife. In short, when possible destruction them chewed.
Look and enjoy, though, my advice to you: it is better turn on the eponymous cartoon – at least Paphos less.
2 out of 10.
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